Treating Your Furry Family Member Like One Of Our Own Physically – Emotionally – Mentally

At Camp Cypress Dog Retreat it is our philosophy that pets who are taken care of physically, mentally, and emotionally are happy and healthy dogs. This means making your dog’s’ health and happiness is our primary goal.

We aren’t your run-of-the mill dog boarding kennel, and you can expect much more from us.

Here is how we meet all of your dog’s needs, so you can rest easy leaving your loved companion with us for a doggie-vacation full of fun, love and healthy care while you’re away:

Meeting Your Dog’s Physical Needs

We provide the very best in physical care and comfort for your dog. This starts by providing the basics of physical care, and then taking it a step further to make sure your furry friend is happy and healthy:

  • Fresh water at all times
  • Healthy food (preferably from home; if this is not possible, we provide high-quality food)
  • A very safe and comfortable environment. (Our retreat is heated and air-conditioned for our camper’s year-round comfort.)
  • Plenty of room to play and socialize (or be alone if they need to)
  • Cleaning of cabins throughout the day, everyday

In addition to ensuring their physical health, we also provide:

  • Daily walks across miles of our beautiful nature trails
  • Play time with other “campers” in our secure, fenced-in play area that is monitored for safety and cleanliness
  • And endless love, care, and attention!

We safeguard the health of each and every camper that stays at our retreat by requiring documentation of current vaccinations. Records of repeat guests are tracked for your convenience, and to ensure that vaccinations are kept up-to-date.

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Meeting Your Dog’s Mental Needs

Positive mental stimulation is essential in order for dogs to maintain a healthy frame of mind. It is our belief that mental activity is just as important as physical activity and emotional comfort.

Activities like playing fetch, enjoying free time to roam the property, or socializing with other “campers” are just some of the ways your dog will be mentally stimulated. In addition to play, our staff can help them practice the commands that they already know.

We completely understand that not every camper wants to play with other dogs, and that’s ok. Your dog will be given a safe and comfortable place where they can relax, sniff around, or just enjoy some quiet time if they wish.

At Camp Cypress, we are all about playful, active fun. Our campers don’t sit in their cabins all day. Instead, they enjoy plenty of time in the great outdoors!

Meeting Your Dog’s Emotional Needs

Like us, dogs are individuals that have different emotional needs, and we make it a priority to ensure they feel loved and safe.

Ever Camp Cypress team member is here for one reason – they love dogs! As a result, we all strive to ensure your beloved canine is content and relaxed.

We understand that being away from the comforts of home where there is a routine and a loving family can be stressful for your dog, which is why we observe them constantly. We take the time to learn their feeding and bathroom habits, as well as monitor their emotions (e.g., happy, sad, nervous, excited, etc.).

We’ll learn whether or not your friend enjoys interacting with other campers, or prefers the company of our staff instead. From there we can create the perfect atmosphere for your dog — and we are happy to oblige their preferences.

Overstimulation can induce stress, so we ensure that every camper gets rest periods as needed. We have also found that soothing classical piano music provides pets with a peaceful environment, so we play this throughout the cabins.

Keeping your furry friend happy, makes us very happy!

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