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September 15, 2015

Traditional Dog Boarding Kennel vs Camp Cypress Dog Retreat

“Fresh Air & Plenty of Outside Play Makes for a Happy Kennel Stay”

We all want the very best of our dogs at all times. There are times when, due to life circumstances, we need to have someone else take care of our precious pets. The best thing that we can do as dog owners is to provide them with a safe, quiet, and comfortable environment where they have access to fresh air, plenty of exercise, as well as time to rest, relax, and just take it easy.

Having your dog caged in a small confined space with concrete floors, maybe some water and food, while only being let out for an hour a day to relieve themselves can be very harmful. Current research (Denham, 2014) shows that dogs kept in confined spaces for long periods of time show signs of extreme stress. Similar to humans kept in solitary confinement, dogs may exhibit signs of what is now known as “kennel crazy” or “kennelites.” (Stafford Animal Shelter, Montana) Dogs kept in these conditions will pace, jump around, walk in circles with some also becoming lethargic, laying around, and refusing to eat. These actions can be compounded with anxiety produced as a result of being separated from their owners.

At Camp Cypress you will not find any of this! We provide a stress free, calm environment providing our visitors with plenty of fresh air, play time, and time to rest. Dogs are pack animals and many canines enjoy socialization activities with others. However, we completely understand that not all dogs are the same. Some prefer to be alone or just watch their friends play.

Our staff have years of experience in dog behavior and dog socialization. Before you arrive at Camp Cypress, we will chat with you to determine your pet’s food schedule and their tendency toward play, walking, and resting. Your dog’s experience is custom designed to fit your animal’s specific needs whether it is engaging in active exercise, chasing balls and playing tug-of-war, or going on walks on the miles of trails we have on the property.  Rest time is also important.  We provide a quiet, clean, safe environment where our campers can take a break, hang out, and just take a nap.

The care, health, and fitness of your pet is our number one priority. Camp Cypress staff take pride in providing each of our campers with the very best in animal care based on current research. As a result, your pet will return to you well rested and happy to see you!
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