Camp Cypress Bath House
Spaw is Now Open

It’s been a long hard day of vacationing. You’re hot & sweaty, you’re tired and you can’t wait for that hot bath or shower. 

You know how relaxed you’re going to feel afterwards, don’t you? 

Because you love your furbaby you want them relaxed and squeaky clean when you pick them up, right?   

A Clean Dog Is A Happy Dog   

We love making your dog happy! As a sophisticated, savvy pet owner, you understand how important is to their mental and physical well-being that they be pampered at bath time.  
We love to pamper your dog with the treatments they deserve. Regular bathing not only helps your pets look and smell better – it keeps them healthier as well.   

The Basic Dog Bath

“THE BASIC” includes: shampoo, conditioning treatment, basic blow-dry and brushing 

  • Small Dog Bath $20
  • Medium Dog Bath $30
  • Large Dog Bath $35
  • Giant Dog Bath $45

The Camp Cypress Deluxe Spaw Package

You know how enjoyable a day at the spa can be right, so why not give your dog the same treatment? 

We offer spa services that will leave your canine feeling like a pampered pup, sounds awesome doesn’t it? 
“THE DELUXE SPAW PACKAGE” includes shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow-dry deodorizing spray, brushing ear & eye cleaning, nail clipping/nail grinding, full body massage and a cute bandana to make them feel as special as they are. 

  • Small Dog Bath   $35
  • Medium Dog Bath   $45
  • Large Dog Bath   $55
  • Giant Dog Bath   $65

Let us know when you check in which package you want when you check in and we’ll make sure your furbaby is treated like royalty. 

  • Small Dog Bath         0-20lbs
  • Medium Dog Bath   20-50lbs
  • Large Dog Bath   50-90lbs
  • Giant Dog Bath   90+lbs